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Tuesday 17 October, 2017


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Journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia murdered in Bidnija car bomb

Journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia has been killed in a powerful car bomb in Bidnija near her family home. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat describes it as a 'black day for freedom of expression'

The Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed in Bidnija this afternoon in a powerful car bomb. She was 53.

The incident happened just after 3pm on Triq il-Bidnija when firefighters and the police were called in to put out the flames of the explosion.

The rental car, a white Peugeot 108, exploded on the road outside the Caruana Galizia family home where the journalist lived with her husband Peter, a lawyer. Police sources told MaltaToday that her body was unrecognisable and badly burnt.


It is understood that her son Matthew Caruana Galizia was at home at the time of the incident. Caruana Galizia's husband, Peter, was seen talking to the police on site.

The car Caruana Galizia was driving was thrown tens of metres away into the surrounding fields, in what sources described as a very powerful explosion.

Caruana Galizia was a vocal critic of the Labour government, having broken the Panama Papers in Malta in 2016. Her son Matthew at the time was a journalist with the Pulitzer-winning International Consortium of Investigative Journalists. She was a columnist for the Malta Independent, a blogger in her own right, and before that, a columnist for The Times.

e Malta Independent said the murder was a threat to journalism, democracy and freedom of expression. "We hope justice will prevail and the perpetrators are brought to justice for this murder."

Caruana Galizia's last blog was posted at 2:35pm today, minutes before she left the house.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat annouced in the House of Representatives that FBI officers were on their way to Malta to assist in the investigation, after a request was made to the US government.

In Parliament, an expected Budget speech by Muscat was postponed for both sides of the House to deliver statements on the murder of Caruana Galizia. Opposition leader Adrian Delia held a press conference at 5:30pm claiming the murder was politically-motivated, earning a rebuke from Muscat in his intervention in the House.

Duty Magistrate Consuelo Scerri Herrera was on site to conduct the inquiry. But the Caruana Galizia family has requested that the Chief Justice replace the inquirying magistrate, saying they had no trust in the Scerri Herrera. The magistrate was one of the first targets of criticism by Caruana Galizia when she launched her blog.

The police blocked off the road and Armed Forces of Malta Brigadier Jeffrey Curmi was also on site with senior police officers.

In a short statement Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said he was shocked by the incident and described it a "black day for freedom of expression". He called for national unity and insisted he would strive to ensure justice was done.

Reactions are those of sorrow and shock: 

This is a spiteful attack on a citizen and freedom of expression. I will not rest until justice is done. The country deserves justice -JM

This is the collapse of democracy and freedom of expression. We shall not be silenced.

Great shock and sadness at the brutal murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. An appeal for a unified resolve to promote true democracy. RIP.

Who was Daphne Caruana Galizia?

Controversial journalist and blogger who crossed swords with political establishment

Daphne Caruana Galizia started her career as an opinion writer and contributor with The Sunday Times of Malta.

She later moved on to become assistant editor of The Malta Independent before entering the magazine business with a set of high-quality magazines.

Caruana Galizia started to contribute regular columns to The Malta Independent and was well-known for her direct style of writing.

Simultaneously, a few years ago she started her personal blog known as Running Commentary, which earned her both admiration for her fearless critique, as well as opprobrium for her poison-pen missives.

It was through her blog, last year that she unveiled the existence of two Panama companies that belonged to minister Konrad Mizzi and Prime Minister chief of staff Keith Schembri.

In 2016, she was named by Politico as one of “28 people who are shaping, shaking and stirring Europe”, as a result of her reportage on Mizzi and Schembri.

In April this year she led with a story alleging that the Prime Minister’s wife Michelle, owned Egrant, the third Panama company that had been mentioned in Panama Papers.

After the election Caruana Galizia turned her sights on Nationalist Party leadership candidate Adrian Delia. She uncovered that Delia had acted as a lawyer for a Maltese company in London that was involved in a prostitution ring more than a decade ago and remained a harsh critic after he won the PN leadership.

Caruana Galizia was renowned for her controversial commentary, which landed her into several defamation cases.

She was born in Sliema and married to lawyer Peter Caruana Galizia. They had three sons.

Caruana Galizia family requests abstention of inquiring magistrate in murder

Attorney General expected not to oppose family's request to have Magistrate Consuelo Scerri Herrera removed from inquiry because of conflict of interest having been a subject of criticism by Daphne Caruana Galizia

The family of murdered journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia has requested that the Chief Justice removes duty magistrate Consuelo Scerri Herrera from the inquiry into the car bomb explosion.

MaltaToday is informed that the Attorney General will not oppose the request.

Scerri Herrera was on duty as the magistrate to kick-start the inquiry into the explosion that claimed the Malta Independent columnist’s life on Monday, 16 October.

In a court writ filed by Nationalist MP Jason Azzopardi, the Caruana Galizia family said Scerri Herrera was a frequent target of criticism of Caruana Galizia, having taken the blogger to court for libel.

“It is not right that Scerri Herrera takes up this inquiry as duty magistrate given the flagrant conflict of interest that can prejudice the inquiry. We have no faith in Scerri Herrera and we do not believe she can conduct a serious and impartial inquiry into the brutal death of one of the country’s leading journalists.”

The family asked that the Chief Justice instructs Scerri Herrera to abstain on the inquiry.

Scerri Herrera had earned a rebuke from the Commission for the Administration of Justice for breaching the judiciary’s code of ethics with behaviour that had compromised her integrity and personal dignity – namely by her attendance at parties and seeking public exposure, but also entertaining the amorous advances of a police inspector.

The revelations were made in Caruana Galizia’s blog, during a saga where Scerri Herrera and her companion, Robert Musumeci, became the target of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

It was at a dinner party which Scerri Herrera hosted some time in January 2010, when her dinner guests included the broadcaster Lou Bondì and his partner Rachel Attard, that the magistrate had gloated that the press would break the news that Caruana Galizia’s husband had filed a domestic violence report against his wife.

When Caruana Galizia got wind of the gossip, she struck hard with an unstinting volley of blogs and photos of the partying magistrate that had been posted on Facebook.

Those allegations became the subject of the Commission’s investigation, and a criminal defamation action that Scerri Herrera later retracted.

Caruana Galizia used her blogs to question the suitability of the magistrate.

Monday 16 October, 2017

In-Nadur ifakkar.....
Tliet okkażjonijiet f’waħda!

Poezija tal-Kavalier Joe M, Attard. Victoria. Ghawdex.

Kavalier Joe M. Attard

Grazzi mill qalb lill Kavalier Joe M. Attard tal-kontribut li jaghti lill din il website.

Fil-laqgħa ta 'Settembru tal-Kunsill Suprem tal-Konfraternita tal-Kavallieri ta' San Pietru u San Pawl, Joe M Attard gie mahtur kavallier tal-Grand Chapter ta 'Malta.. Awguri.

Ma nistgħux inħallu taħrab
Dis-sena minn taħt għajnejna
Bla ma dlonk nitfgħu ħarsitna
Minn dak l’għadna kif għaddejna!
Dawn it-tnejn spiċċaw biex ċarċru
Demmhom għal Kristu l-Mulej –
Riedu biss ‘l-Imgħallem jixbhu
Le ma qagħdu jaraw x’ġej!
Relikwarju li nħadem
B’sengħa kbira ġo Milan
U għalkemm għalaq mitt sena
Ta’ ħafna għadu ċ-ċentru dan!
Sewwa sew mitt sena ilu
Hawn fir-raħal tan-Nadur
Il-pittura ta’ ġol-koppla -
Tal-arti l-aqwa splendur
Wieħed spiċċa rasu ‘l isfel
Mislub m’għuda ta’ salib;
L-ieħor spiċċa b’rasu barra
Biex miet għall-aqwa ħabib.
Bl-aħħar vrus jien xtaqt infakkar
Tal-kampnar l-akbar qanpiena
Li qed tagħlaq mitejn sena
Servizz tagħti b’dak ilsienha
Kienet ġiet inawgurata
Mill-Isqof Agostinjan
Mons Giovanni Camilleri –
Ragħaj ħabrieki, djoċesan!
Fin-Nadur insibu statwa
B’dawn iż-żewġ kolonni kbar;
Fid-disgħa w għoxrin ta’ Gunju
Lilhom tqimhom sat-tfal żgħar.
Sew jekk huwa żmien il-festa
Inkella f’xi funeral
Lesta biex l-aħbar twasslilna
B’moti qosra nkella twal.
Il-pittur Lazzru Pisani
Mal-Arċipriet  Dun Martin
Riedu jżejnu lill-Bażilika
B’xogħol mirqum u l-aktar fin!
Mitt sena ilu l-Ostensorju
B’ta’ dal-martri l-fdalijiet
Ġie irregalat lill-knisja
Miksi b’fidda w dehbijiet.
Dawn fil-qosor huma l-ġrajja
Fil-ħajja ta’ dil-parroċċa;
Jalla ‘Jimmy’ jibqa’ jħabrek
Biex jgħaqqadha bħal qaqoċċa.
Fi tmien flieli l-artist ħareġ
Glorja ta’ San Pietru Pawl
Li għal Kristu mietu martri –
Ta’ twemminna l-aqwa dawl!
U kienet Agius Rosaria
Li daħlet għal dan il-piż;
Żgur li din se tibqa’ mfaħħra
Għal dal-ħsieb nobbli w qaddis!
Jiena ċert li taħt il-ħarsa
Ta’ daż-żewġ martri bikrin
Fin-Nadur tissokta l-paċi
Għas-snin kollha li ġejjin!

Kav Joe M Attard
Gunju 2015

Halloween in Nadur – A spooky night of entertainment for all ages

Prepare for a scary Halloween night in Nadur, when from 7pm onwards Nadur’s main square, as well as December 13th Street, will turn into two very spooky locations.

Visitors of all ages are encouraged to go along, in costume if possible, to enjoy an evening of music, dance performances, bonfires, games, the haunted house, the witch room, pumpkin carving, crafts and many more activities….

Halloween in Nadur is on Tuesday, the 31st of October, so don’t miss it.


L-Ghaqda Armar Triq Dicembru 13 Nadur tixtieq tistidinkom ghal MAJJALATA COUNTRY MUSIC NIGHT li ser torganizza l-Gimgha 27 ta' Ottubru 2017 gewwa s-Sala Parrokkjali tan-Nadur fis-7.00pm. Waqt din l-attivita ser ikollna kant u zfin bil-mistiedna specjali tkun MARISA D' AMATO! Ghalhekk fittxu ibbukjaw post issa u zgur li ma jiddispjacikomx! NARAWKOM!

Delia snubbed by three MPs for deputy post

The contest for the deputy leadership for parliamentary affairs is now between the former minister Edwin Vassallo, who broke ranks with the Busuttil leadership last July when he voted against gay marriage in parliament, and the man he openly defied, party whip David Agius

Marthese Portelli, Beppe Fenech Adami and Claudio Grech turned down requests to contest the PN deputy leadership elections

Three PN heavyweights have turned down Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia’s request to stand for deputy leader.

The former deputy leader for party affairs, Beppe Fenech Adami, and fellow MPs Claudio Grech and Marthese Portelli all refused to take up an offer to stand for deputy leader, MaltaToday can reveal.

The snub was yet another unwelcome episode in the unfolding drama of the PN’s leadership election aftermath, after Delia’s victory against former minister Chris Said left a divided parliamentary group.

Efforts to curry favour with the three MPs came from Delia’s closest aides, who attempted to rope in candidates for the deputy leadership who can lend weight and credibility to the PN leader.

Fenech Adami had already indicated he would not run for deputy leader after resigning together with Simon Busuttil and Mario de Marco after the June elections. Marthese Portelli, who at one point suggested she was interested in the deputy leadership post, also decided not to stand. And Claudio Grech, once touted as leadership material before deciding not to take up the prospect, also turned down the offer to run for deputy.

The contest for the deputy leadership for parliamentary affairs is now between the former minister Edwin Vassallo, who broke ranks with the Busuttil leadership last July when he voted against gay marriage in parliament, and the man he openly defied, party whip David Agius.

Vassallo had backed Chris Said for leader but said he would readily withdraw from the race for deputy leader should Said run for the post.

The other deputy leadership post for party affairs is now a contest between MPs Robert Arrigo and Toni Bezzina, a lacklustre competition that has also shocked Delia’s entourage and PN insiders.

In the last days, it was Pierre Portelli, Delia’s close aide at the PN headquarters, who was also putting pressure on David Agius not to run for the post of deputy leader in the hope that Said would run uncontested, uniting the two factions as has been the tradition for PN leadership contests.

People close to Delia wanted Said to become deputy leader in a bid to heal the rift that developed after a bruising leadership contest. However, Said was not willing to run in a contest and with  Agius refusing to drop his bid, the plan failed to materialise.

But on Friday Chris Said said he was ruling out contesting any of the deputy leadership posts in the PN. With 48% of the vote of paid-up PN members, the Gozitan MP narrowly lost the leadership to Adrian Delia last month. He said he had spoken a couple of times with the PN leader, informing him of his willingness to serve.

“I told him [Delia] that I am ready to serve in whatever capacity he thinks best I can contribute. I also told him that I was not ready to go through a third electoral campaign in less than four months,” he said, adding the campaigns had taken a toll on his family.

Sunday 15 October, 2017

Sunday Request Program

60 minutes of your favourite songs.


Armed robbery suspect charged with attempted murder of three police officers

22-year old Daniel Muka from Albania allegedly tried to open fire on officers during his arrest

An Albanian man who tried to shoot at police officers arresting him on suspicion of armed robbery has been denied bail during his arraignment today. 

22-year old Daniel Muka appeared before magistrate Grazio Mercieca earlier today, charged with the attempted murder of three police officers, resisting arrest and causing slight injuries, as well as the illegal possession of a firearm and cocaine possession.

Muka pleaded not guilty to the charges. 

Muka was one of two people arrested on Thursday night in connection with a hold-up at the Tigne Diamonds International jewellery outlet last week. Two people were injured during the heist, after which the robbers escaped.

The court was told how, at the time of his arrest at St George's Bay, Muka pulled out a handgun, pointed it at the officers and attempted to fire the weapon at them several times.

Two policemen were treated for shock and slight injuries at the Floriana health centre.

Police inspectors Carlos Cordina and Mark Mercieca prosecuted.

Man accused of people trafficking as fishermen turn out to be tile layers

A man from Zejtun who misled the authorities by telling them that construction workers he had brought from Egypt were fishermen has been charged with offences relating to human trafficking

A man from Zejtun who misled the authorities by telling them that construction workers he had brought from Egypt were fishermen has been charged with offences relating to human trafficking.

Principal Immigration Officer, Frankie Sammut told magistrate Grazio Mercieca that 24 year-old Christian Debattista had declared the three Egyptian workers as fishermen, residing on a vessel Sarah.

The court was told that Debattista would recruit crew members in Egypt, with the promise of a work visa. The police had carried out a covert surveillance operation, watching the ship for a month and noted that the Egyptian were not sleeping on the vessel, but were living in an apartment in Birzebbugia.

The Egyptians testified today, telling the court that they were illegally employed as tile layers, not fishermen.

Debattista pleaded not guilty to charges which included trafficking in persons and making false declarations to the authorities. A request for bail was turned down.

Lawyers Franco Debono, Marion Camilleri and  Yanika Vidal are defence counsel.

Titħabbar it-tmien laqgħa annwali tal-Kunsill tal-Maltin li jgħixu barra minn Malta

Il-Gvern ħabbar it-tmien laqgħa annwali tal-Kunsill tal-Maltin li jgħixu barra minn Malta. 

Il-Ministru għall-Affarijiet Barranin Carmelo Abela ħabbar li t-tmien laqgħa annwali tal-Kunsill tal-Maltin li jgħixu barra minn Malta li se ssir il-Ħamis u l-Ġimgħa. 

Qal li fil-konvenzjonijiet dwar l-emigranti u l-emigrazzjoni saru rakkomandazzjonijiet biex ikun hemm korp li fih ikun hemm rappreżentanti tal-Maltin li jgħixu barra minn Malta, flimkien ma’ persuni oħra.

Sostna li dan qed isir biex jissaħħu r-rabtiet mal-Maltin ta’ barra kif ukoll mal-ġenerazzjonijiet ġodda.

Il-Kunsill hu magħmul minn 15-il membru flimkien ma’ Segretarju, u bil-Ministru għall-Affarijiet Barranin bħala ex officio Chairperson tal-Kunsill biex jaħdem fuq numru ta’ għanijiet.

Il-Kunsill jiltaqa’ darba fis-sena f’Malta, imma matul is-sena l-Kunsill jibqa’ għaddej bil-ħidma tiegħu permezz ta’ diskussjonijiet li jsiru permezz tal-mezzi ta’ komunikazzjoni u b’konsultazzjoni mal-komunitajiet ta’ Maltin li jinsabu mferrxa mal-erba’ tirjieħ tad-dinja.

Fuq  l-aġenda tad-diskussjoni għal-laqgħa tal-Kunsill li ser issir din is-sena hemm 28 tema li jolqtu, fost l-oħrajn:

  • It-tagħlim tal-ilsien Malti u l-istorja tal-emigrazzjoni
  • It-tixrid tal-kultura Maltija
  • L-effett tal-liġijiet dwar il-propjetà u t-taxxi fuq id-dijaspora
  • Iċ-ċittadinanza Maltija u dik doppja
  • Il-votazzjoni mill-bogħod għall-Parlament u dik tal-Parlament tal-Unjoni Ewropea
  • Twaqqif ta’ reġistri  ta’ organizazzjonijiet u ta’ persuni prominenti Maltin li jgħixu barra minn Malta
  • Servizzi bankarji għall-komunità
  • Fondi tal-Unjoni Ewropea,
  • Twaqqif ta’ stazzjon tar-radju u websiteroadmap għall-Kunsill,
  • L-Innu Malti
  • Faċilitajiet għall-Maltin ta’ barra li jżuru Malta,
  • Skambju ta’ talenti fid-diversi oqsma bejn Maltin li jgħixu Malta u dawk li jgħixu barra minn Malta 


Saturday 14 October, 2017

15 months' jail for Qbajjar homicide, 'justifiable on basis of provocation'

Full acquittal for Gerald Galea on attempted murder, but jury returns 6-3 guilty verdict for justifiable homicide

The jury trying a Gozitan pensioner for murder and attempted murder, has declared him guilty of the excusable wilful homicide, provoked by grievous bodily harm, of John Spiteri, but but cleared him of the attempted homicide of Matthew Spiteri, and of criminal damage.

The qualification meant Gerald Galea could get a maximum of 24 months' imprisonment.

In a verdict returned in the past few minutes, jurors found him guilty by a verdict of 6 to 3, albeit with the excusing factor that the homicide was provoked by grievous bodily harm. The jury also declared him not guilty by 8 votes to one, of the attempted homicide of Matthew Spiteri, and not guilty by seven votes to two of the heads of indictment relating to the damage caused by the car.

Galea, 67, was accused of murdering 54-year-old John Spiteri and the attempted murder of Spiteri’s son, Matthew, in an incident sparked by the accused’s objection to the mutilation of a tamarisk tree in Qbajjar car park, Marsalforn in 2013.

Spiteri died shortly after being run over by a car driven by Galea, who now faces a maximum of 2 years imprisonment for justifiable homicide.

Galea was also indicted with the attempted murder of Spiteri’s son and with causing thousands of euros worth of damage to the car he was driving, which did not belong to him.

Over the past three weeks, the jury had heard medical experts testify that Spiteri died of injuries caused by being run over by a car, driven by Galea. But jurors had also been shown that Galea suffered grievous injuries from at least four punches, which fractured his eye socket and caused severe swelling.

The prosecution insisted that Galea had driven around the car park taunting the victim before running him over and that Matthew Spiteri had dodged the car’s path in time, grabbed on to the driver side door pillar and punched the accused, who then drove into a low wall, uprooting a tree in the process. Upon emerging from the vehicle, the accused received more blows to the face at the hands of Matthew Spiteri.

But Galea’s defence team placed strong emphasis on crucial claims made in Matthew Spiteri’s account that had been disproven by forensic and witness evidence. They argued that the powerful blows to Galea's face had been delivered before the crash and not afterwards, as Spiteri claimed. Galea himself told the jury that he was unable to see where the car was going, saying he “just wanted to get the hell out of there.”

Judge Antonio Mizzi presided. Lawyers Kevin Valletta and Giannella Busuttil from the Office of the Attorney General prosecuted. Galea was defended by lawyers Arthur Azzopardi and Jason Azzopardi. Lawyer Joe Giglio appeared as parte civile for the Spiteri family.

Chris Said will not contest PN deputy leadership post

Gozitan MP says he 'can serve the party in more ways than being a deputy leader', insists he is not ready for a third electoral campaign in four months

Chris Said has ruled out contesting any of the deputy leadership posts in the Nationalist Party, putting paid to speculation that he may have thrown his name in the hat at the last minute.

The Gozitan MP, who narrowly lost the leadership to Adrian Delia last month, said he had spoken a couple of times with the PN leader, informing him of his willingness to serve.

"I told him [Delia] that I am ready to serve in whatever capacity he thinks best I can contribute.  I also told him that I was not ready to go through a third electoral campaign in less than four months," he said, adding the campaigns had taken a toll on his family.

People close to the PN leader wanted Said to become deputy leader parliamentary affaisr in a bid to heal the rift that developed after a bruising leadership contest. However, Said was not willing to run in a contest and with PN Whip David Agius refusing to drop his bid, the plan failed to materialise.

In his brief statement, Said thanked the 48% of party members who voted for him in the leadership election. "I will make sure that their voice is heard within the various party structures," he pledged, wishing the best of luck to the deputy leader contestants.

Agius and Mosta MP Edwin Vassallo will go head to head for the post of deputy leader parliamentary affairs while Sliema MP Robert Arrigo is so far uncontested for the post of deputy leader party affairs. The nominations close at 6pm tonight.

Toni Bezzina running for deputy leader is latest twist in PN contest

Fifth district MP who had to withdraw a planning application after it was revealed property was in ODZ, submits nomination for PN deputy leader party affairs

Toni Bezzina has provided the latest twist in the ongoing Nationalist Party leadership saga after choosing to go head to head with Robert Arrigo for the post of deputy leader party affairs.

Bezzina filed his nomination with PN secretary general Rosette Thake at the last minute. Nominations closed at 6pm.

The fifth district MP was embroiled in controversy last year when it was revealed that he had applied for a building permit in an outside development zone. His actions had jarred with the PN's stance against ODZ development and withdrew the application after pressure from party leader Simon Busuttil.

Bezzina will be contesting the post for party affairs in a direct contest with Arrigo, a 10th district MP.

PN Whip David Agius and Mosta MP Edwin Vassallo will be contesting the other post for deputy leader parliamentary affairs.

Both contests will be decided by the PN party members in an election on November 18. Given that there are only two candidates for each posts, councillors will not be asked to shortlist candidates as happened in the leadership race.


Friday 13 October, 2017

Ghaqda Dar Dun Frangisk Grima and Nadur Local Council
Visit to Mt.Etna in Sicily

By Alessio Sultana

Nadur in pictures

The Basilica of Nadur this week

By Mario Muscat


Almost 40,000 foreign workers in Malta

Almost three-quarters of foreign workers come from EU countries

A total of 37,717 foreign workers were registered as employed in Malta as of March 2017, according to Employment Minister Evarist Bartolo.

In reply to a parliamentary question, he said that 27,334 of these hailed from EU countries, while 10,383 were third country nationals.

Gozo had a total of 1,295 registered foreign workers, 1,107 of which were from the EU and 188 from third countries. He added that statistics for Gozo were indicative, since a number of large companies were registered as having a Maltese address but had a few employees in Gozo. Therefore the figures for Gozo were based on having a Gozo residential address.

Bartolo maintained that a special section within Jobsplus, the government jobs agency, carries out regular inspections of employers across Malta and Gozo to identify cases of unregistered foreign workers who are employed illegally.

In such cases, action is taken to regularise their employment, and if this isn’t done, the employers would be taken to court.

Tourists staying in flats are one of the causes for rising rents

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna says on Xtra that an average of 4,000 beds were rented out in the private sector by tourists last August

Watch the film here:

Tourists renting out apartments rather than booking hotel rooms are one reason why rents are increasing, according to the Finance Minister.

Edward Scicluna said in August alone an average of 4,000 tourist beds were rented out in the private sector, citing Airbnb as an example.

This, he said, put pressure on the rental market and part of the solution was to increase the hotel bed stock.

The minister was speaking on Xtra, a discussion programme on TVM, Thursday evening that focussed on Budget 2018.

Scicluna acknowledged the problem of rising rents, adding the government was committed to address the matter, which boiled down to lack of supply.

But shadow finance minister Mario de Marco rebutted the claim, insisting that although the government was aware of the problem it was failing to address it.

De Marco said the government had to help people who rented out apartments and did not qualify for any social assistance. These people were being priced out of the private rental market, he said.

De Marco attributed part of the problem to the rental conditions attached to the Individual Investor Programme, which were too low and causing pressure on the market.

Tackling the issue of social housing, De Marco said the government had failed to build a single apartment in the past four years.

Scicluna said the delay was a result of more stringent rules laid down by the European Investment Bank to obtain credit. The government plans to build almost 700 social housing units.

The minister refuted the Opposition’s criticism that it did not have a plan. He said the first legislature was all about fostering economic growth, encouraging people to work and weaning individuals off social benefits.

“In the second legislature we now have to address quality of life issues such as transport, waste and the property market,” Scicluna said.

However, De Marco described the budget as a lost opportunity, failing to provide solutions to the more pressing problems.

“The government announced plans to start discussing free school transport for all. This is a proposal the Opposition made three years ago. What people want now is a solution not a plan or talks,” De Marco said.

Scicluna rebutted, insisting it all boiled down to who had the credentials to implement solutions. He said the government had delivered on its pledges in the first legislature and would do the same again.

Responding to criticism that government had reached a surplus by cutting down on capital expenditure while doing nothing to contain recurrent spending, Scicluna said this was not true.

“Recurrent expenditure in 2018 will increase by six per cent while capital spending will go up by 28%. But we must not forget the big investments being done by the private sector,” Scicluna said.

L-aħħar kelmiet ta' Doreen: "Oħorġu minn hawn u tbissmu"

Il-qabla u omm maħbuba Doreen Cassar, li tilfet il-battalja mal-kanċer ta’ 46 sena, bagħtet ittra biex tinqara waqt il-funeral tagħha stess.

Fl-ittra emozzjonanti, li nqrat mill-Kappillan ta’ Ħal Balzan Mons. Karm Farrugia u ħalliet lil kulħadd issummat, Doreen, li kienet miżżewġa bi tliet ulied, twassal appell imqanqal għall-fidi, ferħ u tama, biex jiġu miġġielda l-weġgħat.

Doreen tikteb li jekk ikollha tgħid, Ħal Balzan qatt ma ra daqshekk nies f’din iċ-ċelebrazzjoni ta’ ħajja.

“Xtaqt ngħix iżjed imma ħakmitni marda li kulħadd imwerwer li se taqbad lilu”, tkompli tikteb Doreen, waqt li tisħaq li kburija li avolja mietet żgħira, f’ħajjitha kellha kollox u għamlet ħafna.

Doreen tirrimarka li fil-ħajja mhux kemm snin tgħix, imma kif tgħix. Tgħid li ħadd ma basar li wara ħames snin tieħu ħsieb lil Valerie, qabla oħra, il-kanċer kellu jaqbad lilha wkoll.

Kellha appell f’saħħtu biex il-ħajja ma naħluhiex fuq x’tagħmel dik u x’jagħmel dak, waqt li fakkret li l-istress żejjed ma jagħmilx ġid.

Lill-ġenituri qaltilhom biex mat-tfal, ma jkunux moħħhom fuq l-iskola biss, imma jħeġġuhom għall-isport u l-kultura.

“Neħħu l-gdiedem. Oħorġu minn hawn u tbissmu waħda għalija. Life goes on...” tkompli tgħid Doreen.

Tgħid li mhux l-ewwel darba li saqsiet ‘għaliex jien?’ meta kellha mumenti koroh.

Stqarret kif tħoss qalbek tieqaf waqt li ma tħossx saqajk meta tinduna li m’hemmx kura għalik.  Imma tgħid li kellha żewġ għażliet: Tintefa d-dar tistenna l-mewt teħodha jew li tibqa’ tiġġieled u tittama.

Persuni li tkellmu ma’ u oħrajn li kitbu fuq il-mezzi soċjali, iddeskrivew il-funeral ta’ Doreen, bħala ċelebrazzjoni ta’ ferħ, kant u tifħir.

Għalihom Doreen kienet mara b’”karattru uniku, karattru tal-ġenn”.

“Batiet, imma mietet f’paċi kbira”, qalu oħrajn.

Intqal ukoll li ħejjiet il-funeral tagħha stess – quddiesa b’kant ferrieħ, bi bżieżaq jittajru mal-ħruġ tat-tebut u b’mota tal-festi minflok tal-mewt.

Għall-funeral ta’ Doreen Cassar, tpoġġew anke siġġijiet fuq iz-zuntier tal-Knisja, u saħansitra n-nies spiċċaw anke bilwieqfa fil-pjazza.

Tista’ taqra l-ittra sħiħa li Doreen kitbet għall-funeral tagħha stess hawn. 


Thursday 12 October, 2017

Passport sales trips for PM

Joseph Muscat and Keith Schembri with Henley president Chris Kalin.

The Prime Minister will be promoting the sale of Maltese passports during two key events organised by Henley & Partners in Dubai and Hong Kong.

Joseph Muscat is set to travel to the United Arab Emirates later this month to participate in a global citizenship seminar organised by Henley, the Maltese passport scheme’s concessionaire. He will be delivering a “special keynote speech” during the event, being held on October 25 at the Palace Hotel, one of the most luxurious properties in Dubai.

According to Henley & Partners, the seminar will focus on how affluent and talented individuals can acquire an additional passport through strategic investment.

Less than a month later, on November 14, Dr Muscat will address a global residence and citizenship conference, an annual event by Henley & Partners, in Hong Kong.

Around 500 delegates from around the world seeking more information on how to obtain a second passport through investment are expected to attend the Hong Kong event. Passport schemes offered mainly by Caribbean countries will be marketed during the two-day conference, though Portugal and Cyprus will also be promoting their programmes.

During his first term as Prime Minister, Dr Muscat participated in 11 conferences and seminars around the globe promoting Malta’s cash-for-passports scheme, officially known as the Individual Investor Programme, which was launched soon after Labour returned to government in 2013.

Henley & Partners have been given the concession to market the scheme abroad, with the contract binding senior members of the Maltese government to participate in sales promotions around the world.

Promotional events have been held in the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore, Turkey, the UAE, Lebanon and Switzerland.

No replies were forthcoming when this newspaper asked the Office of the Prime Minister about the upcoming trips to Dubai and Hong Kong and whether the contract with Henley & Partners obliged Dr Muscat himself to participate personally in such activities.

According to the latest data given by the scheme’s regulator, there were 723 applicants and 1,186 dependents seeking a Maltese passport at the end of June.

The government does not publish the particulars of those acquiring a passport through the scheme, only their names.

A leaked report by the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit raised suspicions about the possibility of the Prime Minister’s chief of staff, Keith Schembri, receiving kickbacks from the scheme. The government’s anti-money-laundering agency recommended that the police investigate further, but it cannot be ascertained whether this in fact happened.

Mr Schembri has denied any wrongdoing, and a magisterial inquiry into the matter, sparked by former Opposition leader Simon Busuttil, is ongoing.

Robert Arrigo, Edwin Vassallo submit nominations for PN deputy leader posts

Vassallo says he will bow out if Chris Said joins the race for deputy leader, parliamentary affairs

 Nationalist MPs Edwin Vassallo and Robert Arrigo have submitted their nominations for the posts of PN deputy leaders.

Mr Vassallo is seeking the post of deputy leader for parliamentary affairs, while Mr Arrigo is hoping to become deputy leader for party affairs.  

At a press conference this morning, Mr Vassallo declared he would be sticking to his Christian and democratic values and would never change his values for the sake of winning.

"I will not be a populist," he said. He had announced his intention to contest the deputy leadership last month.

Mr Vassallo was the only MP to vote against the introduction of gay marriage earlier this year, going against the party whip.

Although his act of insubordination had put him in the line of fire, it had also earned him the respect of more conservative PN voters.

The MP had said he had a duty to shoulder this responsibility and help take up the party's call to work for its unity and contribute to help strengthen it and help it regain the people’s confidence.

Vassallo reiterates he would make way for Said

PN whip David Agius is also expected to seek the post of deputy leader for parliamentary affairs. However, there is pressure for him to make way for Chris Said, who lost the leadership election last month. 

Dr Said has accepted to run for deputy leader, on the condition that he runs uncontested.

Mr Vassallo has already made it clear he is ready to step aside should Dr Said decide to run for the post.  

'Comodini Cachia should not go through what I went through'

Asked about MP Therese Comodini Cachia's request for a free vote on the legal notice granting 100 hours of leave to same-sex couples and infertile women seeking IVF treatment abroad, Mr Vassallo said that contrary to Dr Comodini Cachia he did not agree with the legal notice, but he agreed with a free vote.

"I would not want Dr Comodini Cachia to go through what I went through in June," he said.

Dr Comodini Cachia is vociferously against Dr Delia's decision to oppose the notice.

Arrigo submits his nomination

Robert Arrigo submitted his nomination to become PN deputy leader for party affairs in the afternoon, saying he felt up to the task, especially as it involved organisation and marketing.

Mr Arrigo said he hoped to head a network of people who could help the Nationalist Party in various sectors. He also hoped to be in a position to ensure that party headquarters was geared for the party’s needs and the party was active within the country’s towns and villages.

He said he was confident that his background and personal success would stand him in good stead and he promised that if elected, he would give his ‘100 per cent’.

Nominations for both posts close on October 13. The new deputy leaders will be elected by the party membership in November. 

News from Melbourne

Fake coffin Moreland council protest by far-Right group

FAR Right protesters have again stormed a Moreland Council meeting, bringing in a fake coffin painted with the Australian flag while calling councillors traitors.

FAR Right protesters have again stormed a Moreland Council meeting, bringing in a fake coffin painted with the Australian flag and calling councillors, traitors.

The protesters, believed to be part of the Patriots Blue nationalist group, interrupted Question Time and yelled slogans at councillors and two dozen gallery members, saying the council meeting “was over”.

Council staff moved quickly to ask gallery members to leave while the protesters continued to shout that the councillors were “traitors” for voting to join the campaign to change the date of Australia Day.

Moreland councillors voted to join the national campaign at the September meeting.

Outside the meeting, chief executive Nerina Di Lorenzo checked on each member of the public and assured them that the council had been ready for a protest and that the police were on their way.

Moreland Mayor Helen Davidson told the Leader she condemned the actions of the group.

Cr Davidson said her mother had been in the gallery and had been distressed during the protest.

“We will not be terrorised into changing our democratically reached decisions,” Cr Davidson said.

“We know our community and represent it truly.

“Victoria Police has been contacted and the council will assist investigations.”

After about 10 minutes, the protesters left the building and the meeting resumed.


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